A collection of fan fiction stories dedicated to Samantha and Naomi...Voyager's First Family


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     Welcome to the Wildmans Story Archive!

      This website is a collection of fan-written stories featuring Ensign Samantha Wildman and her half-K'tarian 
      daughter Naomi. The had the distinction of being the only family appearing in recurring roles on Star Trek: 
      Voyager. The series may be over, but the adventures still continue for the Wildmans in the imaginations of 
      our talented authors! Take a look at some upcoming stories we're working on, and ones we've just posted!

      Latest update
- 07.30.03 

Four new stories have been added to the archive:

           Romeo by Jamie E. - Rated G
           It's Valentine's Day on Voyager. Who's taking whom to the Valentine's Day dance?
by Jamie E. - Rated G
           Can Naomi handle not being the only child on Voyager?

           Daring to Hide by Jamie E. - Rated G
           What happens when the Borg kids start not getting along & Naomi is stuck in the middle?

           "Dear Diary" by Jamie E. - Rated G 

             Naomi gets a Diary.

      Upcoming Stories - 

The Maquis Files
by R. Marie Sinclair - Rated G
           A secret computer file is uncovered, and implicates Samantha in a plot against the Maquis. 

      Website News -

We are continuing our renovations to the site, and should have them done very soon.

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    not be duplicated without the author's written consent. Star Trek: Voyager, and all of its related creations are owned by Paramount Pictures.